We offer a wide range of dental services to accommodate you and your families needs. From comprehensive check-ups to advanced treatments, our approach is tailored to address every facet of your health.

We offer a wide range of dental services to accommodate you and your families needs. From comprehensive check-ups to advanced treatments, our approach is tailored to address every facet of your health.

Regular Dental Check-Ups

This is what you know as your typical dental cleaning. (But ours is anything but typical). Be prepared for the most thorough hygiene visit and dental exam you’ve ever experienced.  Our team of preventive dental hygienists are the best of the best.

What are regular dental check-ups? 

what can you expect?

You can expect a full evaluation and assessment of your current oral status as well as how it relates to and impacts the rest of the body. You’ll be given the important information you’ll need to make the best treatment decisions for you and your family.

(ours is anything but typical) - here's why:

As one of the few dentists in the United States with GBT technology our team uses this state of the art guided biofilm therapy (GBT), lasers & pH testing during, your dental hygiene visit. We’re confident you’ll find it to be the most comfortable, thorough hygiene visit you’ve experienced

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Anti-Cavity Treatments

Because we believe the best dentistry is the least amount of dentistry, our team focuses on how to keep our patients out of the dental chair, not in it!

We have an array of curated products and recommended treatments that we use to prevent cavities in your mouth, and all are non-invasive. Whenever possible, we will use techniques to restore damaged teeth without fillings. We leverage pH modulation and the natural chemistry in your body to remineralize areas that would have in the past turned to cavities. Our course of treatment can range from fluoride treatments to BLANK, and we create a custom care plan per patient to ensure the most effective treatment for YOU. Because everyone’s needs are unique, we deliver specialized at-home products to integrate into your healthy-mouth routine that actually work. From our dental chair, to your own bathroom sink, we are here to help you PREVENT more dental work.

What are Anti-Cavity Treatments?

Who are they for?

Our dental products and treatments are designed for the entire life-span. From treatments for our pregnant mothers all the way to our very special seniors.

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Our mission is to protect your teeth and prevent the breakdown from decay and erosion. If our patients are beyond the point of natural remineralization, fillings are our first-line restorations. They are used to treat small areas of tooth decay or small chips as long as enough natural tooth remains. .

What are Fillings?

How do they work?

At twin oaks dental we use the finest materials that match the color of your teeth. They protect the tooth from further damage.

Who are they for?

Fillings are for patients of any age who have small areas of decay, chips or notching in their natural teeth

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A crown is a protective covering placed over the entire visible portion of the tooth. They are a perfect way to restore the tooth’s natural strength and appearance by rebuilding and protecting it from further destruction.

What are crowns?

What do they treat? 

Crowns are the perfect solution for teeth that have large fillings, cracks, fractures or decay. When old fillings or decay take over the tooth, a crown is the perfect way to restore it to it’s original strength and appearance 

How do they work?

Think of a miniature helmet that looks exactly like a perfect tooth that slides over the portion of the tooth that remains.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are today’s way of replacing missing teeth with a permanent solution that looks and feels like a natural tooth. Not only can they replace missing teeth, but implants can also be used to replace ill-fitting dentures with strong retention for a confident and comfortable smile.

What are dental implants?

How do they work?

Implants are placed where the missing tooth once lived and eliminate the need for old fashioned bridges.

Who are they for?

Anyone seeking treatment for missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures.

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Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease is gum disease, and up to 70% of the adult population has some form of untreated gum disease. It is often painless and when not treated can cause tremendous damage to the teeth and bone. It can also negatively impact the rest of the body including (but not limited to) the brain, cardiovascular system, lungs, and the gut. Our team is extremely proactive when it comes to treating periodontal disease and will provide top-tier care and solutions to get this destructive disease into remission because it is not something to ignore.

What is periodontal therapy?

How do I know if I need it?

Your hygienist will perform a series of thorough assessments for periodontal disease to illuminate areas requiring treatment. This is not provided with a standard “healthy mouth” cleaning.

What procedure options are there?

If you’re struggling with bad breath, discomfort or bleeding gums, we have solutions that are crafted to your unique case. Using special instruments, specific antiviral/ antibacterial rinses, pH modulators, and lasers and GBT, we can help our patients regain a healthy mouth.

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teeth whitening

Whitening works using varying strengths of gels which adhere to the tooth when placed inside of a thin invisible tray. They can be worn anywhere from 15-30 minutes per day for a couple of weeks until you reach your desired look.  

How does it work?

How long does it last?

If you’re a patient who takes excellent care of your mouth, once you’ve whitened, all you should require is an occasional brightening up!

who is it for?

Many of our patients are great candidates for whitening. If you have tooth colored fillings or crowns on your front teeth, our team can help you determine the best solution for whitening.

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Aligners (Orthodontic)

Clear aligners are thin invisible trays that when worn as recommended, will quickly and gently move misaligned teeth into their proper position. 

They are an important part of a healthy mouth. By moving teeth into their proper position, they are less susceptible to disease and are much easier to clean. They also can provide you the beautiful straight smile you've been dreaming of!

What are aligners?

How do they work?

Using a series of clear aligners that are strategically designed using innovative technology, your teeth will gradually shift into the desired position over time. There will be a series of check-ins throughout the treatment plan to ensure proper use and keep you on track to your desired results. 

Am I a good candidate?

We find that most of our patients are great candidates for aligners, but an in-person consultation is required for proper assessment to ensure you are a great fit. Assessments are quick and easy, just request an appointment and we will take it from there!

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Surgical Services

There are times when teeth have been injured or become infected and must be removed. At Twin Oaks Dental, we provide comfortable surgical services when necessary. This can include extractions when needed. all surgical services are done after a full comprehensive assessment ensuring this is the best plan of action for you.

What is a surgical service?

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Have you ever wished for a more beautiful smile? At Twin Oaks Dental we take things a few steps further. Combining our healthy mouth protocols with our facial esthetics and cosmetic dentistry, your wish is our command. 

What is cosmetic dentistry?

What procedures do you do?

We provide our patients with comprehensive planning and treatment combining potential treatments such as: aligners, crowns, veneers, whitening, wrinkle relaxers and fillers.

Custom care plans are created upon assessment on your initial visit. Your smile and your wellness is completely unique to YOU, and we believe your care and treatment plan should be to.

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your comfort is our priority

At Twin Oaks, we put innovation and collaboration at the forefront of what we do to ensure the most quality and comfortable experience for you at our practice

EXTRACTIONS: From wisdom tooth extractions

INVASIVE PROCEDURES: Your comfort is our priority, when more invasive procedures are necessary.

DENTAL ANXIETY: With a proper assessment, those with dental anxiety may qualify for sedation dentistry to ease heir discomfort and anxiety during treatment.

sedation dentistry

when can sedation dentistry be safely utilized?

Twin Oaks and Twin Anesthesia have partnered up to provide sedation dentistry in the safest way possible to any patient in need (and applicable) of the extra support in treatment.

Guided Biofilm Therapy

Why should you choose Guided Biofilm Therapy?

Unlike traditional methods, Guided Biofilm Therapy employs state-of-the-art technology to identify and eliminate the precise areas where bacteria and biofilm accumulate, ensuring a level of cleanliness that was previously unimaginable. Guided Biofilm Therapy is a game-changer in dental hygiene.

GENTLE AND COMFORTABLE: No more uncomfortable scraping or poking. Guided Biofilm Therapy is gentle and suitable for patients of all ages.

PRECISION CLEANING: Thanks to our advanced technology, we can precisely target areas of concern, leaving no room for harmful bacteria to hide.

STAIN REMOVAL: Say goodbye to stubborn teeth stains. Guided Biofilm Therapy effectively removes surface stains, leaving your smile bright and refreshed.

PERSONALIZED CARE: Each treatment is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring the most effective and efficient cleaning process.

MINIMALLY INVASIVE: With Guided Biofilm Therapy, there's less need for aggressive scaling, making it a more comfortable experience for you.

We are thrilled to bring you the latest advancement in oral healthcare –

At Twin Oaks, we pride ourselves in being committed to providing the highest standard of care.

why choose us?

Our team of experienced professionals has embraced this innovative approach to dental hygiene, and we're excited to share its incredible benefits with you. We believe in a holistic approach to dentistry, focusing on your overall well-being.